2012 Show Newsletter

What can you recommend in Lancaster? Have you ever been to Maine? Do you have anything in Florida? I’m going to Yellowstone; what are the best places to stop along the way? These are the types of questions frequently asked of the Anderson’s staff at each and every show this year—and the destinations are as varied as the campers themselves.

In last April’s newsletter, I commented, "The only concern is rising gas prices, but this appears to have more of an impact on distance of travel, not the length of trip." Once again, this was the major concern of the camping public we encountered at the shows. Still, like last year, there is a significant segment of the camping population more interested in a unique and exciting experience and less concerned about the cost.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Canadian market is extremely robust. Reports from RV Dealers indicate that sales were brisk, and they were not experiencing any difficulty in financing deals. We currently attend three shows in Canada and most likely will add two more for the 2013 season.

On the following pages, please find a section regarding our new booth for 2012, as well as the customary individual show summary. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Redesigned Anderson’s Booth!

Our New Show Booth

New for 2012, the Anderson’s booth offers a modern design that is more user-friendly in functionality.

During the off-season of 2011, the Anderson’s team spent many hours discussing the various aspects of effective brochure distribution and the role that a re-designed booth would play in achieving our goals. First and foremost, we sought to create a booth that was warm and inviting to the public. Secondly, once the public was engaged in the booth, they should be able to see the entire brochure so that the full message of the brochure (or rack card) is being conveyed. Lastly, the booth should allow for the casual and helpful interaction with the staff, but at the same time not be intrusive.

The result of our efforts is the booth pictured above. The picture was taken at the Pittsburgh show and depicts a typical booth configuration when utilizing a corner booth. One item to note is that the Anderson’s team typically stands at the gap between the ‘oversize’ units (to the left of the picture). This strategic placement allows for staff to be readily available to answer questions and provide assistance in finding that perfect campsite. Finally, the magnetic signage on the front of each cart is used to identify the region represented in the racks above. These signs are produced using the State or Regional logos; therefore, they are consistent with the directories being distributed in the booth and are easily recognizable by the public.